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The Stars Nodded | Tess Guinery


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the stars nodded | tess guinery

an ode to dreaming for little & big people alike

a self-published book of prose produced ethically on Australian soils. printed by craftsmen, using the highest of quality elements including 100% Recycled Uncoated paper, created to last in your heart and on bookshelves for generations to come

'it was written with a passionate sense of movement and aliveness for the dance that life is. During the process of creating this little book of dreaming, i imagined it being read almost as a prayer over growing hearts and minds as heads lay gently upon pillows before bed. i envisioned it to be spoken much like a chorus to the dreaming and a catalyst for the big and colourful kind of thinking. although this little book seemingly leans to the littler of growing hearts, I see it being held by the older hearts too.

“ Words are powerful enough to build worlds”.

did you know you were created for wonder? maybe you already know such things, or maybe you have forgotten? wherever you may find yourself, this book is for you, it’s your story too! There are no rules in the dreaming, so sing each line aloud as an ode or a prayer, a chorus or a poem, and believe it to be true—that lovely and impossible things, can and absolutely will happen in this big beautiful life.

so from my big heart to yours, I invite you into this little book of dreams, not the kind of dreams that are mysterious and afar, but the real ones — the ones made just for you, that call your name and walk you home'

love from the author & artist Tess Guinery


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