Bobby Small

Bobby Popsicle | Dreaming


Bobby Small

bobby popsicle | dreaming

the dreaming bobby has been intentionally designed for little hands to paint all over and create something super unique. you can use almost any paint or paint pens (bar oils & watercolour) and have your little ones follow the prompts on the deck, to draw or write what they feel. we would love to see how your dreaming boards turn out, feel free to share them with us via email or instagram

our bobby popsicle has been designed as a special take on the hallmark skateboard shape. highlighting the beauty of natural maple wood with clear grip tape over our speckle stamp on top with a very fun & interactive design on the underside

-8” x 32” canadian maple deck
-7 ply standard construction with medium concave
-8” raw silver trucks
-88a bushing
-52mm wheel in our bobby “sand” colour
-abec-7 chrome bearings 

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