Oats is an online store based in New Zealand.

Our emphasis is on supplying well-made products that are great for our little people and kind to our planet.


Our business name is very dear to us. It is a homage to our American Grandpa who used to tell the kids to “eat their oats”. Now it is a breakfast we share together every morning. One of the first solid meals both of our children began experimenting with. It's the perfect analogy for the mess, the curious, the wholesome experience of family and parenting.

As young parents, we love products and businesses that have the future of the planet in mind. Based in New Zealand, we love supporting local brands but also love what’s happening overseas. We found it difficult and expensive - not to mention unsustainable to be purchasing brands from overseas. We know there’s plenty of other parents in the same boat, which basically gave birth to the idea of starting a store here that stocked the brands we know and love from around the world, making it easy and more sustainable for families in New Zealand to buy.