CO Label

my (pronounced miju) founder of this inspiring label has carefully created a brand that is deeply rooted in sustainability.  having four children herself the unfolding of co label sought out to recreate timeless, minimalistic, and unisex pieces that were made in a traditional sense and designed to be handed down in order to last generations. it is in a small factory with everyone at each stage of production so it becomes involved and collaborative. as the garments are made so too are the fabrics used. 30% being new, whilst 70% use existing inventory. when we touch a colabel garment we are transported to italy among the humble workshops and appreciate the hands that made each piece. the seasonless collection goes further to enforce her commitment to sustainability. she consciously chooses not to create "fashionable" collections as the belief is that the concept is dedicated to obsolescence. colors reflect the natural world that surrounds a child whilst the patterns ensure functionality and play are always made possible. with her eye for detail through her close watch and dedication to her own children my has created pieces that are in essence high in quality but even more magic. 


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